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The rental period is billed according to days and hours. A rental period of less than 24 hours is considered a full day. From 4 hours a full day will be charged.

Car type

Skoda CitygoE4565220.01
Fiat PandaE4561220.01
Citroen C1E4582220.01
Citroen C3F5580250.04
Punto FiatF5575250.04
VW PoloF5595250.04
Ford FiestaF5595250.04
Skoda Fabia CombiG55116350.00
Skoda Fabia AutomatikG55110350.00
Sandero StepwayG5595350.00
Dacia Lodgy 5 Pers.H5588395.01
Kangoo RenaultH55102395.01
Renault Capture MANUALH55122395.01
Prius ToyotaAutomHybH55109395.01

For offers marked in green there is a discount for a certain period of time, see Home.