Rental and business conditions

Our car rental vehicles are all equipped with air conditioning and radio / CD or USB and are regularly serviced and technically checked (by the official TÜV). There is no mileage limit. The vehicle may only leave the island of Gran Canaria with our written approval. Please ask us if you would like to use the vehicle on another Canary Island, but rental and return is only possible on Gran Canaria.

We only offer comprehensive insurance with no excess - no deposit and no credit card requirement! Furthermore, the fully comprehensive insurance also includes a personal occupant insurance as well as the legally required liability and collision insurance. However, damage is at the expense of the tenant for the following reasons:

1.) Increased alcohol consumption (above the legal limit), driving under the influence of drugs, loss of the key (fee 100 euros), extreme speeding (more than 20%), driving on unpaved roads and paths, extreme pollution and damage to the interior of the vehicle (e.g. Broken bottles, fire damage, animal hair, etc. (fee up to 200 euros), transporting bulky goods (furniture, etc.) or sports equipment (surfboards, paragliders, etc.).

2.) In the event of an accident - also in parking lots - the tenant is obliged to inform us immediately (see service number, available 24 hours a day, at contact). In the event of an accident with someone else in the accident, the police must ALWAYS be called so that there are no problems with the insurance later on.

3.) Tire damage which is NOT caused by nails or metal parts, but when the tire needs to be replaced, e.g. damage to the tire casing due to improper parking at the curb, or e.g. driving on unpaved roads (costs €80-180, depending on tire type).

4.) Penalties from the police or other authorities during the rental period are borne by the renter. If the vehicle is towed away due to incorrect parking, the renter is obliged to return it to the police and pay the fine.

We are not responsible for items that have been left in the vehicle or stolen through theft.

The following are not permitted: renting out the vehicle to third parties, transporting objects on the roof of the car, driving on unpaved roads and paths. Any damage incurred in this way is at the expense of the renter, including damage to tires and glass. Transporting animals, exceptions are dogs and cats, which according to the law can only be transported in boxes in the car (on request, we will be happy to provide these boxes to you free of charge). The animal is not allowed to leave the box even when the car is parked. Any damage incurred in this way is at the expense of the renter, including damage to tires and glass.

By signing the contract, the renter accepts the rental and business conditions of Tropical-Car, as well as their insurance. Should the tenant have any damage repaired himself in a workshop (without the prior consent of the landlord), Tropical-Car not obliged to pay these bills.

For data protection see data protection.

The place of jurisdiction is Maspalomas.

Tropical-Car Rent a Car

Rental rates: We basically rent 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The rental period is billed according to days and hours. The daily rental prices are cheaper the longer you rent. Rental periods of less than 24 hours are calculated as one day. Overdrawn hours are charged at the hourly price = daily rental price / 24 and from 4 hours at the daily rental price.

Airport rentals / returns from a rental period of 7 days.

Payment: The prices listed here and in our brochures already include all taxes and insurance. No extra charge for payment by credit card or bank transfer. No reservation fee or prepayment. You can view the vehicle before renting it and pay conveniently when you pick up the vehicle. The tank content is checked when the vehicle is handed over and noted on the contract. If, for example, the tank is half full, the vehicle can also be returned in this way. We are not obliged to pay or refund gasoline for the rental car.

Child seats are available in different sizes with NO extra charge. Navigation systems are available for an extra fee. The price is to be requested as it depends on the rental period.

Renting: We rent from the office or hotel from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. on the following day at the daily rental price and otherwise after consultation and tariff. After 1:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. as well as when renting and returning at the port or airport, we rent according to the tariff. If your hotel or your place of arrival (e.g. port) is too far away from one of our offices, we offer a delivery service for an extra fee, the amount of which is shown separately in the offer depending on the distance or rental period.

When you reserve your vehicle, the rental company reserves the right to hand over a vehicle of the same or higher quality from at least the same group or better when you pick it up, of course at the same price as you had previously booked. < / p>

You can change or cancel your reservation free of charge before the rental begins. We reserve the right to terminate the rental agreement at any time early and without giving reasons. This serves to protect the vehicle from misuse, e.g. in the event of a crime or illegal use such as driving under the influence of drugs.

Driver: The vehicle may only be driven by persons named in the contract as the driver. A 2nd and 3rd driver can be entered with NO extra charge. The minimum age for groups A, B, C and D is 21 years and at least 3 years of driving license. The minimum age for groups E, F, G and H is 23 years and a driving license of at least 5 years

Fee after 10:00 p.m.: If the vehicle is handed over and returned between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., a fee of €29 may apply.